Luis Gilberto Murillo

"We are in a moment of history where, regardless of political color, we must work together to build the foundations of prosperity, development and peace for future generations".

"We are prepared to transform our country together with responsibility, respect and transparency, stimulating the desire for progress of a nation that does not rest, a nation that harnesses all of its resources and enhances the capacities of its regions and territories, supported by a government that is present in every corner of Colombia".

Who is Luis Gilberto Murillo

Luis Gilberto Murillo Urrutia was born 56 years ago in Andagoya, Medio San Juan in Choco (Colombia). He grew up in this small municipality located in the middle of the tropical rain forest of the Pacific region of Colombia.
The relationship among people, cultural richness and diversity in the department where he grew up, made him ponder on his community and work for it from a very young age.

Now, he is Sergio Fajardo´s running mate for the Renascent Colombia Party (Partido Colombia Renaciente). He has also been encouraging the creation of the Great Popular Alliance for Colombia (Gran Alianza Popular por Colombia). With this alliance he seeks to be the president of the regions to work towards the unity of the country and create equal opportunities so that people can have a dignified life while prioritizing their dreams. His proposal is to have a government which is present in every corner of the country.
In 1983, he obtained the best ICFES score of his department, which opened up the opportunity for him to get a scholarship to study Mining Engineering at the Moscow State Geological Prospecting University.

We deserve a truly inclusive country.
Colombia will be reborn if we change and we build it together.
A country that recognizes its diversity and plurality.
This is the candidacy of a population that never stops imagining a better Colombia.

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How do you imagine a better Colombia?



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