Luis Gilberto Murillo

Government in the Pacific Region

- Solution to the problem of power supply by delivering 3 power plants that generate 6MV
- Temporary Employment Plan → +1,500 people from Tumaco were hired
- Gas subsidy for the poorest communities
- Special line of credit of $4 billion pesos.
- The Five-Year Strategic Plan for Tumaco 2014-2019 was formulated with projects such as:
- The Mataje River – La Espriella binational road
- Airport Innovation
- Improvement construction works on aqueduct
- 200 additional housings for free
- Pacific and Candelillas multi-village aqueduct, among other projects.

- Over $350 billion pesos were invested in infrastructure and productive projects, security, transportation, education, health, culture, technology and other areas.
- The department received $230.3 billion pesos from the General System of Royalties (SGR), three times more than in 2010.
- The Atrato-Darien Plan Contract guaranteed resources and disbursements for the connection of the Darien in Choco and the Uraba in Antioquia by means of a $105 billion pesos investment for the 61 kilometers road construction done between 2015 and 2017.
- Significant investments in WATER and basic sanitation were done throughout the department. The aqueduct of Quibdo was finished in June 2015 reaching complete coverage.
- The aqueduct construction work and the water treatment plant in the Municipality of Lloro were done with a $7 billion pesos investment.
- Sewerage construction works and a new treatment plant were carried out in the Municipality of Jurado, with a $4.5 billion pesos investment.
- In the Municipality of Bahía Solano, $9 billion pesos were invested on the sewage system and water treatment plant.
- In the Municipality of Bajo Baudo, construction works on the sewage system and water treatment plant were done with an investment of $8 billion pesos.
- In Ciudadela Mía, $74 billion pesos were invested in the construction of 1,500 free housings for vulnerable families in Choco.
- An investment of $8 billion pesos was made for the first stage of the Mia Megaschool project where nearly 1,200 children will be benefitted.
- 1,960 tablets with 38 digital educational resources installed were delivered to six educational centers in Quibdo to continue promoting collaborative work between teachers and students.
- The municipality of Quibdo was aided with 4,791 terminals (273 provided by the municipality), with 7 children per terminal in a population of 34,407 students.

1. First section of the Yumbo - Buenaventura railway
2. ANI: First stage of the project to recover the Pacific Railway Network of 155 km.
3. Mass transportation: The structural designs were accomplished. Estimated Investment: $225 billion pesos.
4. Airport: $29.5 billion pesos invested between 2015 and 2017 (50% National Planning Department (DNP) / 50% Civil Aeronautics of Colombia (Aerocivil)).
5. 100 police units and 40 motorcycles for port security.
6. Dredging to build an access channel to the bay for the entry of 11,000-container ships.
7. 565 homes of the “San Antonio de Buenaventura” macro-project (Seizure of money from “Chupeta”).
8. 2 hour of travel savings with the construction of the Mulaló – Loboguerrero alternate road between the Industrial Zone of Cali and the port.
9. Libraries given to 19 educational institutions located in the rural area and distribution of reading and writing materials.
10. Group housings in 4 neighborhoods which benefit 120 children from strata 1 and 2.
11. The following achievements, among others, obtained with Royalties resources stand out:
• Construction of the city's Boulevard: $10,468 million pesos.
• Basic sanitation: $5,555 million pesos for completion of aqueducts, benefiting 3,000 inhabitants.
• Construction of the Las Palmas neighborhood sports center: $1,110 million pesos.
12. The following goals were achieved through the Flourishing Buenaventura Plan:

I. Aqueduct and Sewerage
a) 1,300 Domestic Connections to benefit 4,000 people (adequately completed).
b) The National Planning Department (DNP) recovered $10,000 million pesos in Royalties for urgent aqueduct construction works. The Departmental Water Plan (PDA) will finance the aqueduct master plan for $4,000 million.

II. Social
a) Buenaventura Alliance for Equity: 4,667 families from the most deprived districts have been assisted with a comprehensive social aid.

III. Urban Development
a) Buenaventura Master Plan (under development): $1,000 million pesos with a 30-year vision.

IV. Competitiveness
a) The Strategic Competitiveness Plan is being formulated (ends in Apr/2014).

V. Education
a) The Stamp Law for The Pacific University will allow the collection of $300 million pesos (process awaiting in the Departmental Assembly).
b) Mega-School for 1,400 students.

13. Investment of $14.3 billion pesos in Transportation infrastructure:
• Maintenance dredging of the access channel to the Port of Buenaventura, $8,400 million pesos. (executed).
• Tertiary Network: $5.9 million pesos. Roads: Bajo Calima; Campo Hermoso; San Isidro; La Gloria-Calle Larga and La Esperanza.
• Mulalo Loboguerrero alternate road which saves 2 hours of travel between the industrial zone of Cali and the port.
• Thanks to the national social housing microproject 'San Antonio de Buenaventura', 565 homes that were built with money seized from Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía “Chupeta” were distributed.

14. Investment of $62.9 billion pesos in Social Inclusion:
• Nearly 20,800 more families in action.
• About 8,100 people generating income.
• ReSa Food Security for 2,800 families.
• Support provided to 15 thousand families to overcome extreme poverty.
• All-inclusive early childhood care for 12,900 children.
• 9 construction works aiming for prosperity: road constructions, adaptation of sports venues and improvement of housing, environment and habitat conditions.
• 3,200 Victims were compensated.

15.Investment of $21.7 billion pesos in Education.
• Free Education for 66,700 students. $7,800 million pesos.
• ICETEX credits for 857 students. $3,100 million pesos.
• “The Everyone Learn” Program (Programa todos a aprender), for 14,600 students. $2,700 million pesos.
• “Reading is my story” Plan (Plan Leer es mi cuento): 84,500 students benefited and 90 seed collections distributed.
• Aid for 13 educational sites. $7,400 million pesos.
• SENA: $16.3 billion pesos: 37,900 students in 2012 and 33 thousand in 2013.
• ICT $5,600 million pesos: 3,298 Computers to educate (four-year goal), 2 Punto Vive digital points and 26 digital kiosks.
• Winter wave (Colombia Humanitaria and Fondo Adaptación) $21,000 million pesos: construction of 226 homes, repair of 333 homes, road and risk management works and humanitarian aid.
• Ministry of Interior, $633 million pesos: second phase implementation of the CCTV 123 integrated security system.
• Drinking water and basic sanitation $4.9 billion: domestic connections for 6,300 households.
• Work $2,600 million pesos: Colombia Mayor program for 4,100 older adults.
• Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Banco Agrario –Finagro: $409 million pesos.
• 202 people were benefited from the Fisheries and Aquaculture Node program, $95 million pesos.
• 22 sponsorships for Special Credit Lines, normalizations and reliefs $42 million pesos.
• 32 ICR paid, $87 million pesos.
• Rural opportunities for 32 families, $30 million pesos.
• Productive Alliances for 57 families, $155 million pesos.
• Adjustment of 1 office.

• Universalization: equal benefit plan for the subsidized and contributory regimen. $163,300 million pesos, to benefit 384,504 people.
• Vaccination: Expanded immunization program (papilloma), 2,685 girls benefited, $202 million pesos.

17.Investment of $2,599 million pesos in Culture:
• Construction and Provision of Public Library (cooperation with the Japanese embassy) investment of $320 million pesos.
•“Reading is my story” Plan (Plan Leer es mi cuento)”: The first and second collections of 251 prioritized titles for early childhood, were delivered to the Municipal Public Library.
• Comprehensive intervention of the main market and training of 170 youngsters (workshop)
• 10 projects supported by the National Concertation Program for a value of $112 million pesos.

• We invested nearly $1,778 million pesos in child support. We went from 55 children under five years old in 2010 to 875 children in 2014.
• Universalization and unification of the Health System. 27,878 people are covered in the subsidized and contributory system with the same benefit plan, with an annual investment of $13,492 million to benefit 25,218 people in the subsidized system.

- Regarding the Environment sector, the investments done between 2010 and 2014 increased to $25,536 million pesos distributed through the Environmental Compensation Fund and executed by CORPONARIÑO, CODECHOCO and the IIAP.
• $6,764 million pesos were allocated for the management of Natural Parks of Colombia. The investment was made in actions related to Regulation of protected areas, Management Strategies, Research, Monitoring and Use, Occupation and Ownership in order to support in situ conservation of the country's biological and ecosystemic representative diversity to provide and maintain environmental goods and services, as well as protect the cultural heritage and the natural habitat where traditional cultures develop as part of the National Heritage and to contribute to Sustainable Human Development.
• Resources of $64.271 billion pesos have been invested in 102 constructions of educational infrastructure in the municipalities of Buenaventura, Tumaco, Guapi and Quibdo. More than $10.400 million pesos have been allocated to promoting sports and $14.053 million pesos have been invested in construction, rehabilitation and adaptation of 15 cultural infrastructure projects carried out in these 4 municipalities.